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Dino, Stay!


Before learning this command, your dog will have to master the "Sit". You wouldn't want him to stay while he is standing, would you? As usual, we should be using a leash just to make sure that we are in control of all situations. First, he should be in front of you. Then get him into the "sit" position. Start with his name, followed by the command "Stay" as you show your palm to him. Remember what I have mentioned in the earlier training? Use his name to get his attention and get him ready for the next action. Then, you move 1 step backward. Go back to him about 3 seconds later and praise him "Good boy to stay". Give him pets on his shoulders and offer a treat. If he moves when you move 1 step backward, move him back to the original position and start over again. In this way, he will associate the word stay as not to move.

If he has mastered the 1 step backward distance but fail on the 2 steps, you should go back to the 1 step and make sure that he is very good at it before you increase the distance. The timing should also increase gradually. In the beginning, I recommend about 3 seconds so as to prevent him from making mistakes. If I were to take too long a time to go back to him, he will be sure to move and make a mistake. You have to be patient with this command. You should increase your distance gradually after making sure that he has mastered the shorter ones. You can even try to increase your difficulty level by going behind him when he is very good at it.

Remember that we will have to make it happen for him and not to give any chance for him to make mistakes. I will use "come" to let him know that the "stay" command is over. Scenario: When he is in the "stay" position, I will use "come" to get him to break from the command. This is also a very good way to further strengthen the "come" command. After he has mastered the "down" command, you should try to let him learn the "down stay". You should get him to sit, down then followed by stay. You can practise while you are watching tv. You can use each commercial break as a time check to see if he can hold on for that long.

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