Training with Dino

Fetch the Ball!


Golden Retrievers are natural retrievers so it will not take long before they master this. Remember, they are not called "Retrievers" for nothing. First, you have to get him to be very interested in the ball. Try a ball that is very bouncy. Keep on bouncing the ball in front of him to increase his curiousity. Then throw the ball and say "Fetch". He will run towards the ball, smell it and hold it in his mouth.

Remember, you have to get him to be all hyped up on the ball before you throw it out. When he has it in his mouth, call out his name to come back to you. Remember, you should call his name before the command. For e.g . "Dino, come". If he already knows, but refuses to come back to you, you have to run in the opposite direction to get him to come after you. It is their instinct to follow their leader as they are afraid of losing the pack.

When you see him coming after you (with the ball still in his mouth), praise him and give him a treat (he should be in front of you now). Praises should be "good boy to come". He will release the ball to get the treat. Remember, timing is very important and always associate a praising word which he should already know like "Good boy". For e.g." Good boy to sit", "Good boy to roll over". After a few tries, he should be able to connect when you throw something out with a "Fetch" command, he will have to bring it back to you for the treats and praises.

Keep the training short as they can get bored out easily. Puupies have very short span of concentration. Always end the training on a positive note. Positive note means do something which he already knows very well and give him a treat.

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