Training with Dino

Dino, Down!


This is quite an easy command to learn. Before learning this command, he should also have mastered the "sit" command. With a leash as usual and standing beside him, get him to sit. Then squat before him with a treat in your hand and move your hand down starting from his nose then to the floor. With their instincts to check things out with their nose, they are sure to follow your hand. As you move your hand down, use his name and then the command for e.g. "Dino, down". You should assist by putting your hand on his shoulders and press him lightly to get him to the down position. Once he gets to the down position, praise him with "Good boy to down" and then give him his treat.

After a few tries, he will be sure to go down without you using your hand. After learning this command, you can combine with the "stay" command. You can try "sit stay" and "down stay". The first one will be to tell him to sit first then follow by the stay. The second one will be to sit, follow by down, then stay.

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