Latest Videos:

Summer with Dino
(May 2011)

I have transformed into a lion in the sweltering summer heat!

C is for Cookie
(May 2011)

Home baked cookies!!! Woohoo!!!

I am Five!!!
(April 2011)

My 5th birthday celebration at Penfold Park.

Dino takes you to Penfold Park
(October 2010)

Let me take you to an awesome park right in the middle of Shatin Racecourse.

Swimming @ Sunny Dog Again!!!
(June 2010)

It's time for swimming at Sunny Dog again! Yay!!!

I am FOUR!!!
(February 2010)

Party with me as I celebrate my fourth birthday with my little friends.

Sunny Dog with Bernie
(January 2010)

To my favorite doggy pool with one of my most favorite person in the world.

Good Night
(January 2010)

My nightly bedtime ritual.

Let's go to Hongshulin Mangrove Swamp
(November 2009)

Join me on a tour of the Hongshulin Mangrove Swamp.

Walking with Ashley
(August 2009)

Learning to walk beside Ashley in a stroller.

Ring the Bell
(August 2009)

Ringing the Bell with Me

Dino the Golden Retriever Caddie
(June 2009)

I am Daddy's great little helper!

My First Trip to The Beach
(April 2009)

See me romping on the sand!

Miaoli with Howler
(January 2009)

2 great days with Howler in Miaoli!

Swimming with Howler
(December 2008)

A fun day with Howler swimming at Sunny Dog.

I am THREE!!!
(February 2009)

Check out my birthday loot!

Happy Birthday, Buddy!
(January 2009)

Buddy the Sheltipoo celebrates his third birthday.

Seven and Dou Dou
(December 2008)

A happy story of a rescued pug.

Amazing Golden Retriever Clips

3 months old - Mission Possible (May 2006)
More than 200,000 views on You Tube to date

You think Dino is fabulous and you love all the Dino Clips, but there are many fantastic golden clips out there you have to watch! Here is one of my all time favourite, one that celebrates the amazing human-canine bond.
Way to go Rookie!!!

Carolyn & Rookie - Grease Routine

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